David at Greenslopes Discount Drug Store treats his customers like family. Learning their names, regular prescriptions and suggesting helpful tips and products. His customer service is the best in the business.


Aside from being a fantastic pharmacist, he’s a shining star in the local community and some say he should probably serve on local council!


David got his start in pharmacy more than 20 years ago. After working hard and with his love of the local area, he decided to buy into the pharmacy. Alongside his wife Ka-man and their family, he now runs Greenslopes Discount Drug Store.


From medication management programs to instore medication reviews their friendly staff offer advice and guidance to assist with your treatment. Instore services include

Bone Density Testing, Bowel Cancer Screening and Heart Age Assessment.


With their customised service, you’ll feel as good as new in no time. From prescription medications to over the counter solutions and vitamins, David and his team can find the right health solution for you today.